Hot Mod V2 Now Available for Marshall Studio Series Heads!

We’re excited to announce that we have engineered the Hot Mod V2 to now work within two of the newest Marshall Studio Series amps: the Studio Classic, a portable replica of the JCM 800 2203, and the Studio Vintage, Marshall’s mini version of the famed 1959SLP non-master volume amp.

Same great Hot Mod V2 tone that adds a pure tube gain stage, now available in these fun new amps! Free shipping within the USA and discounted shipping (we charge $20 while shipping rates are typically $35-45) for International orders.

NOTE:The Jubilee version of the Studio Series will not work with the Hot Mod V2. The Hot Mod V2s for the studio series are designed for the heads only and cannot accommodate the combo amp versions.

A customer demos the HMV2 in the Marshall JCM 800 Studio Series SC20H Head below!


Due to current demand and because each unit is hand wired, completion times are running about two weeks before shipping. When your unit is ready, you will be emailed with the tracking number (shipping is USPS Priority Mail). Thank you for your business and patience!

Hot Mod V2 for Studio Classic and Vintage Series