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UPDATE 10/12/20: Our second batch of the LegendaryTones Lynch Mod are now being built and have begun shipping! Created in collaboration with George Lynch, the Lynch Mod is a custom modified version of the Hot Mod V2. Read more and welcome to the Lynch Mod.

Lynch tried the original Hot Mod V2 in his Marshall and loved it, so we decided to collaborate and do a custom version for him. So instead of a two-position Hot Switch for two different gain stages, we’ve added a gain knob that goes from unity gain all the way to scorching hot on the Lynch Mod. And just like the original Hot Mod V2, all the clarity and low-noise characteristics have been retained. We also added a Deep switch to help provide a bass boost when desired or when using a guitar that might otherwise be a little thin. With the Deep switch off, low end is tightened and it serves as a slight cut for clarity.

This second run follows up after our limited-edition copper metallic finish of 50 pieces which quickly sold out in September. This new run is finished in red with black hardware.

The Lynch Mod is a custom-voiced version of our Hot Mod V2, adding a Deep Switch and Gain control to go from unity to the equivalent of taking a Marshall from 10 to 20!

The Lynch Mod (standard wiring option) will work in both Marshall JMP and JCM 800 models 2203/2204/1959/1987 as well as a number of other models. See this page to see the full list of compatibility. The standard wire Lynch Mod will also work in the new Marshall Studio Series SV and SC heads.

If you have a reissue model 1959 SLP, 1959RR, 1987X, or JCM 800 2203x, choose the reissue model Lynch Mod below which has the appropriate reverse-wired cathode follower and tone stack pin configuration to match these reissues.

“Finding that balance between pre vs. power amp gain, sag, sustain, dynamics, and touch-sensitivity in an amp has been a perpetual challenge. To my ears, the Lynch Mod is an impressive one-stop solution that gets you there.”

-George Lynch

All units shipping in November through December. Get yours here below before the second run sells out!

$299 +$8.60 shipping in US or $299+$27.55 shipping world wide.


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Customer Testimonials and Videos Visit our page here:

For information on the current Hot Mod V2, of which the Lynch Mod is a modded variant, visit:

A comparison demo video of the Lynch Mod vs the Hot Mod V2 (both used in a Super Lead circuit with less gain than a 2203/2204 Master Volume) can be found here:

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