Mr. Scary Mod – Handmade in USA, 100% Pure Tube, High Gain Module for Marshall Amps!

Created in collaboration with George Lynch, the Mr. Scary Mod is a custom-modified version of the Hot Mod V2. Want to supercharge your classic Marshall amp with more gain without applying a permanent modification? Then read more below and welcome to the Mr. Scary Mod!

George tried the original Hot Mod V2 (HMV2) in his Marshall and enjoyed it, so we decided to collaborate and do a custom-voiced version specifically for him. So instead of the HMV2’s two-position Hot Switch for two pre-set gain stages, we’ve added a gain knob that goes from unity gain all the way to scorching hot on the Mr. Scary Mod. And just like the original HMV2, all the clarity and low-noise characteristics have been retained. We also added a Deep switch to help provide a bass boost when desired or when using a guitar that might otherwise be a little thin. With the Deep switch off, low end is tightened and it serves as a slight bass cut for clarity.

Originally released as the Lynch Mod in February 2021, the updated Mr. Scary Mod features the same circuit as the Lynch Mod but is now equipped with a tube mix combo of 12AT7/12AX7 per George’s preference as well as a facelift in a newly redesigned electro-galvanized steel enclosure. As with the Lynch Mod, each run will be limited and this first run in Pumpkin Orange with Black hardware is limited to just 150 pieces worldwide.

The Mr. Scary Mod adds an adjustable 100% pure tube gain stage on top of the cathode follower V2 position, keeping note definition and articulation while further increasing sustain. Each Mr. Scary mod is meticulously built and wired by hand in the USA, one at a time, and tuned using high-grade components. Equipped with a single ECC81 (12AT7) in the first position and ECC83 (12AX7) in the second, the Mr. Scary Mod can clean up beautifully when rolling down your guitar’s volume, and still adds scorching gain when you roll it back up. This is a gain stage that’s been tuned and approved by the ears of the maestro George Lynch himself and is incredibly dynamic and touch-responsive.

“The Mr. Scary Mod excels with dynamics and is incredibly touch-responsive, allowing me to shift from playing clear, lightly compressed cleans to full-out aggressive sustain and distortion – and control it all simply by varying my guitar’s volume control and picking,” said George Lynch. “In many ways, it’s an old-school approach, but it’s also so much more natural and expressive in addition to being musically fulfilling when you can play both the guitar and amp dynamically together this way.”

Important: See this page first to view the full list of compatibility so you know which of the two models (standard or reverse-wired) to choose before placing your order.




Order from our SECOND batch of handmade Mr. Scary Mods below. Color is Textured Black Onyx on Chrome. Current wait time is 2-3 weeks to ship. When your unit is ready, you will be emailed a tracking number (shipping is via USPS). Thank you for your business and patience!

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