Will my Hot Mod V2 or Lynch Mod work in my amp?

Perhaps this is the most common question we receive here when people first inquire about the Hot Mod V2 or Lynch Mod. And of course we also offer a reverse-wired version so that either model can also function in many of the reissue amps which the original Soldano Hot Mod could not. In general, although there are non-master and master volume amps listed here, note that the Hot Mod V2 and Lynch Mod devices generally work better if your amp has a master volume on it.  So here is the list:


Marshall (vintage, JMP): 1986, 1987, 1987T, 1959, 1959HW (reissue), 1968, 1992, 2203, 2204, 1989, 2245 (JTM 45)

Marshall JCM 800: 2000 (V3 position), 1987, 1959, 2103, 2203, 2203KK, 2104, 2204, 2205 (pre 1984 only), 2210, 4010, 4104, 4210, 4211

Marshall JCM 900: 2500, 2501, 2502, 2100, 2101

Marshall Vintage Reissue: 1987x (pre-2003 w/o effects loop), 1959 (w/o effects loop), 2245THW (handwired JTM 45 reissue)

Marshall Studio: This new series of mini 20 watt heads require the removal of the L bracket and thumbscrew so that the units can fit into the PCB-mounted socket in the amp which does not use a base tube shield.

SC20H/SV20H (Heads only)

NOTE: Standard non-reverse wired Hot Mod V2s that have an “H” “H+” or “SC” marking on the bottom plate ARE already compatible with the following Studio series heads. If your Hot Mod V2 does NOT have these markings, email [email protected] and I can upgrade your wiring for FREE (just include $8 to cover return shipping) so that your HMV2 can be compatible with a wider range of amps including the Marshall Studio Series.

All standard-wired Lynch Mod and 2021 HOT MOD V2 EVO models are already fully compatible with the SV/SC heads. 

Order Reverse Wire Reissue (RI) version of the Hot Mod V2/Lynch Mod to use with the following amps: 

JCM 800 800 2203X reissue (all years), 2203ZW (Zakk Wylde signature)

1987X (model year 2003+ w/effects loop)

1959SLP (w/effects loop),

JTM 45 2245,

1959RR (Randy Rhoads Signature)


Clones: The Hot Mod V2 has been found to work well in a variety of Marshall 1959/1987/2203/2204 clone and similar circuits including: Ceriatone, Germino, Mojotone, Wangs, and Bugera (Bugera needs reverse wired model and is compatible with pre-Infinium 1960 model).  

Other Amps: The Hot Mod V2 is designed to work with amps which use a cathode follower design into the tone stack. It adds a gain stage essentially on top of the cathode follower. As a result, the HMV2 will function in other classic amps like Fender Pro, Super, Twin, etc. as well as others like Vox AC30 or certain Traynor amps, etc. However, the circuit of the HMV2 has been tuned and optimized for Marshall circuits, so we generally recommend they be used for the models in the list above only. If we were to make a design for a Fender for example, it would be tuned differently just like it would also be tuned differently for a Vox.

Popular amps that the HMV2/Lynch Mod do NOT work with because they do not use the classic cathode follower design topology include the Marshall Silver Jubilee series, most Mesa Boogie amps, and Hiwatt. 

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