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Line6 Relay G10S Wireless Review

Wireless technology has come a long way over the past couple decades, and analog and digital units both are upping their game with improvements in sound quality, performance, and reduced latency. The Line6 G10S is the newest member of the Line6 Relay wireless family, which offers a broad range of wireless units for all applications and budgets.
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Line6 PODxt

Line6 PODxtLine6’s original POD unit has been wildly successful since its inception just a few short years ago and with good reason. Any guitarist can imagine the appeal of having a musical tool that can call up a variety of guitar tones instantly at the push of a few buttons and a twist of a few knobs. In fact, having this versatility in a small package made the original POD a mainstay for studio musicians and recording studios.

While a new loyal group of Line6 users embraced this digital modeling technology used in the original POD, some musicians were quick to judge negatively against the POD and modeling technology in general – even if they never had tried it in the first place! It is interesting that while we as musicians like to think of ourselves as individuals, we can also sometimes be "set in our ways" (how many of us play Strats, Pauls, and PRS’ or Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps in part because so-and-so does?) – and no debate has been stirred up with so much passion over recent years than the topic of "modeling vs. the real thing." It’s easy to see modeling-critics ripping apart these solutions, not only because they promise a plethora of the greatest tones according to how they are marketed, but also because they are simply new and perhaps threaten the status quo of how music is to be made and heard.
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Line6 GuitarPort

Line6 GuitarPortThe first time I saw the Line6 GuitarPort, I was confused by what it was, as well as skeptical about what it could actually do based on its simple appearance. My curiosity however, got the better of me, so I decided to take an in depth look at it, specifically, its functionality and features pertaining to my computer-based recording setup.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really expecting much given the low MSRP of $229.99 US after all, I have played through many of today’s new amp and effect modelers, and have learned that you generally get what you pay for. In any case, I was quite surprised at what I found out about the unit. First, it isn’t merely a guitar modeler and recording interface; it is a totally intuitive, interactive guitar processing, practice and teaching system for guitarists of any skill level.
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