The Story of the Musicians Behind the Scenes of the Stars Goes to the Big Screen TODAY June 29, 2017

HIRED GUN opens for one night only in theaters nationwide TODAY, Thursday June 29, 2017. It is positioned as the quintessential summer film, a rock documentary feature about the stars behind the stars. The film features session and touring musicians that are hired by well-established and famous bands and artists from Billy Joel to Pink to Metallica, and KISS, among many others.

These hired guns — some household names, some not — are undeniable masters of their craft who talk about the art of creating historic rock ‘n roll music of our time.  “Hired Gun” is a unique motion picture with the pedigree of winning numerous festivals and making an impact with print editors and the rock community in advance of its June 29th US premiere.


“Hired Gun” was directed by Fran Strine, who spent over a year shooting this comprehensive motion picture, and  star musicians, Ray Parker Jr. (Ghostbusters) Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), David Foster, Phil X (Bon Jovi), Jason Newsted (Metallica) and others.

Other star musicians who stand out in the film include Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Bon Jovi and many more.

Visit the website for more information and to obtain tickets to this special one night event:

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