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SOLD OUT for 2020 – Stay tuned for a new model in 2021! Hot Mod V2: The Ultimate Marshall High-Gain Plug-in Tube Modification Module!

The Hot Mod V2 with a switch.Introducing the LegendaryTones Hot Mod V2, a plug-in dual 12AX7 pure tube module specifically engineered to dramatically increase gain in Marshall amps. The Hot Mod V2 requires NO chassis cutting, drilled holes, or wiring modifications to your amp – it simply inserts in place of the middle V2 tube position. The circuit within harnesses the power of an additional gain stage now running an additional 12AX7 tube.

Want your classic Marshall to sing with increased sustain and pure vacuum tube tone? Your tube high-gain solution is here. No solid state tricks or clipping diodes. Pure tube gain. The Hot Mod V2’s circuit was carefully designed to give you gradual increases of gain when using the amp’s preamp control. From adding a touch of sweet sustain, to full on metal, your Marshall will now have greater flexibility and deliver a wider range of tones.
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