LegendaryTones Hot Mod V2 Customer Testimonials & Videos!

We are honored and humbled by the great feedback we’ve received from customers since releasing the LegendaryTones Hot Mod V2. Nothing is more satisfying than to create something that others can enjoy and be inspired by. Here are just a few testimonials below:

“My friend, I am absolutely blown away. I tried it in my 900 and it sounds amazing, I love how articulate the notes still are…Just ran my 900 with your HMV2 and the original (Soldano Hot Mod). I’m so liking yours way more. Just keeps more of your tone intact. I’m really enjoying it. Very responsive. Gets the same growl, but only if you really crank the preamp. The original is pretty much on 11 as soon as you turn your amp on. I’m pretty sure the Soldano Hot Mod is going to go on eBay. Yours is way more usable.”
-Chris B.

“I gotta say this HMV2+ delivers wayyy more than I expected or even thought possible! The gain stays clear and sweet, and the sweep on the dial is PERFECT!… The boost switch is where things get really interesting. 7 string and down tuned 6 guitars kick ass with the boost engaged. The way the tone stack works seems to change slightly to suit modern sounds better with the boost engaged. It’s so easy to get a crushing rhythm tone! I’m just so absolutely in love with this Hot Mod V2, and it will never come out of this amp!”
-Andrew J.

“My 800 always seemed a little harsh and brittle. The V2 gave the 800 a warm woody tone. I was quite surprised! Unbelievable how your new Hot Mod V2 took away the harsh tone in my JCM 800. My ears really like what this thing does. Best of all, you don’t need to be an amplifier tech to install it. Great work!”
-Jody H.

“David, woweee man…This thing sounds absolutely sweet. This has been exactly what I’ve been looking for! Man oh man!”
-Greyson A.

“I’ve been putting the word out to everyone! It’s amazing how quiet it is too (in JCM 800 2203x reissue), to get that much gain out of my Bogner there is a lot of hiss.”
-Mark Bouras

“I got the HMV2 yesterday. Plugged her in today for a test drive…..yeeeehaaaw! Let me tell ya, this thing doesn’t disappoint. It works just fine with my modded circuit on the basic JCM800 mode in my Ceriatone Chupa and with all the other additional gain mods I’ve added. Typical Jose diodes etc. It sounds very harmonic and musical. I can get great metal tones and more gain than I need. It really is the tone of my amp with more gain. Didn’t mess with anything tone wise. Lower gain sounds are still there if need be too. It doesn’t add to the noise floor. Another bonus. Gonna play with it more this weekend. Great product and thank you.”
– James R.

“I had to tell you how awesome the V2 is. I am running a 100 watt Super Lead that has a JCM style master volume, through a 4×12 Greenback cab, and it is absolutely wonderful. It is ‘The Tone’!!! I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner. Thanks so much!”
-Darren B.

“Really happy with the Hot Mod. It just made my 5150 expendable, which is what I was hoping for…I’m super stoked on this setup. Best tone I’ve ever had. Can’t stop playing. Thank you!”
-Bryan E.

“That little voodoo box is badass. Played it tonight in the 1959RR and it makes a much meaner beast… Best way to describe what it does is add girth along with the extra gain. Pretty awesome. Definitely would recommend it!”
-Paul T.

“Just got a chance to try it out my Marshall 2204s with the Hot Mod V2+. Sounds great! Nice to not have to use fx pedals in front of the amp, now. What really surprised me is that the tone controls on the amp are as responsive as they are. I thought I might lose something there, but, if anything, they are more pronounced. All-in-all, a great device! Having it all contained within the amp, and no extra controls is a big plus. Adding more external controls to a six knob Marshall really starts to defeat their simplicity and ease of stage use. The Hot Mod V2+ allows me to keep it simple, and just play, with great hot-rodded Marshall tone, without worrying about extra knobs or fx pedals. Now, I can control everything from my guitar, without having to work my way back to the amp, or find the right switch or button on the floor, for my sound. Free at last, to just play!”
-Jerry H.

“Have to say, I’m very impressed with the mod it sounds fantastic, as this is coming from a guy that’s had many Marshalls over the years, and done a ton of different mods with my amp tech.”
-Steve R.

“I bought this Hot Mod V2 from LegendaryTones for my Wangs Amplification 2204 clone (now the Tone-Talk mini stack) and let me tell you it turned the amp into a flame thrower! I highly recommend this mod if you have a JCM 800 type amp or JMP with a master volume. It’s based on the old Soldano Hot Mod but this is updated and it freakin works!”
-Marc Huzanksy
Host of Tone-Talk Podcast (www.tone-talk.com)

“I just installed the mod in my SC20H and it’s a totally different amp now. I have been looking for that hot rodded 800 crunch forever without hacking my stock 800. Your Hot Mod is awesome I simply love it. Thank you.”
-Ricky G.

“This is the next BIG THING for molest-free modification! Each note still articulate and sustain for days! My Canadian version JCM 800 2204 has never sounded sooooo good! Watch these things: Hot Mod V2 will be BIG! Grab one now while you can! You’ll LOVE it and your amp will come ALIVE!!”
-George L.
Marshall Amplifiers, Cabs & Gear (Facebook Group Page)

“This beyond what I expected — This amp is now spitting out Liquid Flammable Napalm. Just unreal…Dude this is BAD ASS…I’m amazed that it has so much more gain, better overall tone and it’s quiet as a church mouse. Simply brilliant. I have a 5150 stealth EL34, Splawn, JVM, 6505+ & more to list — This Hot Mod V2 is better. Thank you so much!”
-Derek B.

“Dude…All I can say is thank you!! Holy fuck it’s so heavy!”
-Sammy Duet
Goatwhore (Metal Blade Records)

“The Hot Mod arrived today. Man its better than I thought it would be and I was sure it would be good.”
-Daniel A.

“I like the sound I’m getting out of this unit…I got a post phase MV on my 69 Super Lead and with this unit, volume at 5 it screams.”
-Joseph H.

“Wow…your Hotmod sounds killer. It is a fantastic piece of gear that should be part of every studio’s arsenal. With the Preamp gain of a stock Marshall Jcm800 2203 (1981) set on 3 (with Hot Switch on) we get the brown sound and even with a Boss OD1 with drive set on 10:00 clock – bang – there is a transparent high gain sound that fits every metal production. Thanks a lot.”
-Franz Z.


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