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Hughes & Kettner Replex Tape Delay Simulator

Hughes & Kettner Replex Tape Delay SimulatorThe Hughes & Kettner products as we all know are aimed for the professional or rich musicians out there. They don’t kid around when it comes to tone, durability, and looks. I will be the first to admit that before I even took this item out of the box, I had extremely high expectations based on the price.

The Hughes and Kettner Replex Tape Delay Simulator is a tube-driven Digital Analog tape delay simulator. What does that mean? The overall delay is a digital signal, but it is "warmed up" with a simple 12AX7 pre-amp tube. "Simulator" means that this unit has no actual analog or tape delay to it, but rather the inconsistencies of an analog tape delay are simulated digitally.
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Frantone The Sweet Fuzz Pedal

Frantone "The Sweet" Fuzz PedalIt has been my discovery that Fuzz boxes are an interesting breed of effect pedal. At times, they can be the right tool for the right job, and at other times they can lay dormant in your chain of signal flow.

However, the fuzz box has found its way in many recordings, and has been used by many artists. Before trying this unit out, I had very little prior knowledge of fuzz boxes and what to expect.
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