Keeley Oxblood Overdrive Pedal Giveaway!

Oxblood_lyxe57We’re thankful for YOU, our readers! And to show our gratitude, we’re giving away one of Robert Keeley’s most in-demand new releases, the Keeley Oxblood overdrive pedal. All you need to do to enter is insert a comment below with a topic you’d like us to research and write about next year! It could be anything from a review request for a specific product, a tone tip or question, a profile of a favorite artist or an interview, etc. We’ll select a winner randomly on DECEMBER 18, 2015! Good luck and wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

43 thoughts on “Keeley Oxblood Overdrive Pedal Giveaway!

  1. How did Keith get those unique sounding, ” squawky” slide guitar on the song Let it Bleed?

  2. Hi! Congratulations for your site! I love it! Please do an in-depth conparison of the Klones: the Tumnus by Wampler, the Oxblood by Keeley, the Sacred Cow by JHS and if possible throw in the Movall Minotaur/Tone City Bad Horsie and the Soul Food. I loved what you did with the PAFs

    And if possible another in-depth comparison of tube screamers as well. I’m really interested of the One Control Persian Green Screamer (designed by the guy behind Mad Professor)

  3. Hi Vincente,

    Thank you. We’ll certainly have something coming up on the Klon Centaur and the KTR. I don’t know that we’d care to go through all of the different brands that have directly copied Bill Finnegan’s circuit trying to make it 100%. I’ve correspondended with a few makers and have mixed feelings on the subject. I think it’s best to to take a design and build on top of it, like Keeley has done, but not just directly copy it. I know it’s one of those areas, “everybody does it,” but does that make it right? There are some other guys doing some unique things and putting their own stamp on the Klon and we’ll cover a few of them as well certainly.


  4. ENTER ME!! How ’bout an article on Cascading OD pedals?? I don’t play without it. then again, I don’t play live, either. I can get the flavor of two Epic pedals in one, creating a uniquish tone..

  5. Hi Richard, you’re entered, thank you! I should listen to it again – it’s been a long time.

  6. You may have already done this but I’d like to see something on cheap cables versus expensive cables. And maybe the current state of wireless.

  7. Love the site, don’t know if you’ve already covered this, but, how about a tone tip on getting the best sounds out of low wattage tube amps? Like 5watts or less. What pedals work good what are lacking?

  8. Good work here! How about a discussion of wah-wah? Visit some classics, throw in some newer ideas… Cry Baby, VOX handwired, Whine-O Wah, RMC, that kind of thing.

  9. It would be nice to havea article regarding cheap buffers vs. expensive buffers. Good day.

  10. I’d like to know about Bruce Cockburn’s stage rig when he’s playing electric guitar and his rig when he’s playing acoustic!! :)

  11. I think we can never get enough info about guitar electronic mods and pickup technology, especially if we can explore how to get more of the physical acoustics and vibrations into our signal chain. Is that too specific?

  12. Interesting suggestion Roger – maybe a guest post from an actual doctor’s perspective? Dealing with injury is something I’ve had to work through as well.

  13. I remember reading about cables in a copy of vintage guitar magazine. It was a highly detailed comparison and went through the science. It’s a good suggestion though and often overlooked – just like strings are as well. I’ve become a real fan of pure nickel wound strings lately. It’s what were used before the nickel plated steel came in the 70’s. A little softer on the high frequencies and a bonus of not wearing down frets as quickly as regular steel strings will.

  14. I would like to read a really thorough investigation into the sustainability of guitars i.e. the woods used and the efforts made by manufacturers to offset their usage of materials. I think that it’s important to raise awareness on this issue and to bring a sense of responsibility to our consumption of resources.

  15. Plz talk more about Amp Simulator pedal such as Joyo American, Ethos Clean, etc. An explanation about how the headroom and the EQ on the Amp Simulator pedal will affect the tone of your distortion / OD pedal will be perfect. :)

  16. Lesley is a machine these days, I’m looking forward to what he’s got out next! Happy holidays!

  17. My Oxblood should be delivered today! Will chime in when I have some hands on time with it.

  18. Would love to win this pedal! Desperately in need of something new and with Xmas and 3 kids I can’t spend money on myself!

    I would love for you to do an interview with The Joy Formidable and their stage set up. How a trio can sound so massive. Both guitarist and bassist have huge pedal boards.

  19. A serious look into hearing damage from modelers, pedals etc. Hidden underlying freqs. causing fatigue and or damage even at low volume levels. Can most modern circuits in amplifiers be guilty of this also if this is even happening?
    I have one small modeling combo that sounds like an electric drill is running in the background!

  20. At the moment, I’m obsessed with alnico speakers and would like to read some contrasts/comparisons between them (Celestion Gold, Eminence Eric Johnsons, etc.) and how they sound in different amps. Thanks.

  21. Thanks John – this is an area that could take up many articles. Alnico magnets are quite a different breed.

  22. Thank you Yonathan. They are interesting devices. Hardware and software is merging and being used in interesting ways for recording with devices like these.

  23. Hi Hallam – I agree with you and it’s a fantastic topic. Musicians tend to be very traditional and the use of synthetics instead of wood, hasn’t been well accepted just yet. Sustainable wood harvesting and use, that could include recycled wood are going to be more important topics of our times.

  24. I’d love to hear about the finer points of re-amping out of a DAW. I’m sure there’s lots of room to experiment with effect chains and mic’ing.

  25. Would love to have the Keeley Oxblood. Have Keeley modded Tube Screamer and DS-1. Excellent tones. Would like to hear more about tone tips and tricks for setting rhythm crunch tone and lead tone volume/output levels when running pedals or multi fx in front of distorted tube amp, (marshall, etc.). When I boost the signal using TS or DS while running guitar volume wide open, I always get a little feedback when engaging. Thanks.

  26. Hi Mike,

    You’re entered – good luck! As far as your situation of feedback, it sounds like too much compression. Turn the distortion on your pedal OFF and just use volume boost. We also have a boosting tips article you can check out under tone tips.

  27. Thank you. Yes, that’s always an interesting challenge when running time delays isn’t it?

  28. Just a reminder, many guitarists including Stevie Ray Vaughan proved that: Heavy gauge strings plus high string height = great tone. Tube amps don’t hurt your tone either. A new trend that I especially like for recording great tone is to get a low wattage tube amp and mike it turned up high so you get the pre amp tube tone as well as the power tube tone.

  29. Happy holidays! I’d love to see some attention on particularly effective pairings of guitars, effects, and amplifiers and why they sound so good (ie Gibsons and Marshalls, Teles and Orange amps, Strats and Tubescreamers, Jazzmasters with Big muffs, etc).

  30. Congratulations to Wesley Quock, the winner of the Keeley Electronics Oxblood overdrive pedal! Thanks to everyone that entered and we will be taking your feedback and writing great content for 2016! Happy holidays to you all!

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