Fender’s Mod Shop Expands for Summer and Fall 2017: Enables Direct Online Creation of Custom Instruments

In between a Fender production instrument that one can purchase from a dealer and a Fender custom shop instrument, is the Fender Mod Shop. The Mod Shop opened its doors in June of 2016 and is Fender’s online digital design studio where users can directly create and customize their instrument from a variety of options otherwise not available on standard off-the-shelf models.

Fender recently expanded its palette of offerings for the Summer and Fall of 2017, with some options being offered for only a limited time. From new body and pickguard colors, neck shapes, and pickups, the online Mod Shop offers a variety of options to create an instrument that is truly unique.

The Fender Mod Shop allows users to choose from range of options when making their dream Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, or Jazz Bass.

The Mod Shop begins as an online tool, with users beginning their journey using the interface on their computer, tablet or smartphone. As the instrument options are selected, the user can easily view their designs along the way in real time.

Once a user selects and approves features like color, pickups and hardware, Fender builders will complete the guitar or bass in 30 days at Fender’s Corona, CA, factory. The guitars are shipped featuring a unique Fender Mod Shop, Corona CA neck plate.

With currently over 70,000 permutations of Mod Shop instruments, Fender offers the following:

8 – Configurable features for the Telecaster
8 – Configurable features for the Stratocaster
5 – Configurable features for the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass

Body / Neck
2 – Orientations: Left-handed or right handed
2 – Body materials: Ash (for burst finishes) or Alder (for solid color finishes)
9 – Body color options: Black, Vintage Blonde, Olympic White, Lake Placid Blue, 2-Color Sunburst,, 3-Color Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Daphne Blue and Surf Green
2 – Fingerboard options: Maple or Rosewood
6 – Pickguard materials: 1-Ply Gold Anodized, 4-Ply Tortoise Shell, 4-Ply Aged White Pearl, 3-Ply Mint Green, 3-Ply Parchment and 3-Ply Black

4 – Pickup options for the Telecaster: Texas Special, 4th Generation Noiseless, Vintage 1952 Tele and American Series
5 – Pickup options for the Stratocaster: American Series SSS, American Series HSS, 4th Generation Noiseless SSS, 4th Generation Noiseless HSS and Texas Special
3 – Pickup options for the Precision Bass: Pure Vintage ’58 P Bass, Pure Vintage ’63 P Bass and American Series P Bass
3 – Pickup options for the Jazz Bass: Pure Vintage ’64 J Bass, 4th Generation Noiseless and American Series J Bass

2 – Tuning machine options: American Standard and Modern Locking (American Standard only for Basses)
2 – Bridge options: American Standard and American Deluxe (American Standard only for Basses)
2 – Hardware color options: Chrome and Gold (Chrome only for Basses)

The special expanded options for Summer and Fall now include:


Colors: Skyburst Metallic, Ocean Turquoise

Neck Shapes: ’74 Jazz Bass*

Pickups: ’74 Jazz Bass*

*Limited option



Colors: Satin Black, Mystic Aztec Gold

Neck Shapes: ’52 Telecaster®*, ’65 Jazzmaster*

Pickups: ’52 Telecaster*, ’65 Jazzmaster

Pickguard: Orange Pearl*

Model: American Professional, American Professional Jazzmaster

*Limited option

Fender Mod Shop instruments start at $1649. Our hope is that even further options will be made available over time, especially with new neck shapes and styles — as the neck itself really is the heart of any electric guitar. Visit the Fender Mod Shop site here to begin creating your own dream instrument.

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