Fender Launches Fender Play, a Digital Learning Program for Guitarists

This research point I’m going to share with you doesn’t surprise or shock me. Researchers working on behalf of Fender found that ninety percent of people who pick up the guitar will drop out after one year. In this day and age of instant gratification and short attention spans, it’s not surprising is it? But now, Fender has a solution to take on that challenge.

Fender released a new, subscription-based, digital learning program for Desktop and iPhone, FENDER® PLAY™, designed to help aspiring musicians everywhere learn how to play the guitar. Designed with esteemed music programs and instructors from the University of Southern California and Musician’s Institute (MI) to help first-time players via personalized paths, 4K video and song-specific lessons – Fender Play is poised to revolutionize how new guitar players learn the instrument.

Through hundreds of easy-to-follow, instructor-guided video lessons and custom learning paths, Fender Play’s simple and song-based approach, helps new players (young adults, parents, kids, etc.) master chords and riffs in minutes, incorporating preferred songs from genres including rock, pop, folk, country, and blues. The courses implement foundational core techniques and riffs alongside recognizable hits from major music artists, such as U2, Shawn Mendes, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Meghan Trainor, Carrie Underwood, and more. The digital platform allows users to track their progress, learn at their own pace, and access all of the chords, videos, tips, and tricks they need to blaze their own trail and master their favorite songs. Fender Play comes as the latest release in a suite of innovative online and mobile products from Fender Digital, LLC., including Fender Tune (Android and iOS), Fender Tone (Android and iPhone) companion to Mustang GT amplifiers) and Riffstation (a digital application that maps out guitar chords for millions of hit songs).

As we discussed during the recent Fender Mustang amplifier launch, the use and integration of smartphones into music is a clever and key element to helping keep new players interested in learning. If people are taking the time to learn guitar and feeling good about themselves as a result (i.e. doing something productive on their screens), that’s less time that they will have wasted looking at cat videos (and nothing against those by the way; I do like them).

New players can sign up for a free, 30-day trial at www.play.fender.com , and can continue their learning journey for $19.99 USD per month. The platform is launching in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but is accessible globally in English.

Check out this video that talks more about Fender Play and how it works. There may be hope yet for the younger generation.

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